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thins i’m afraid of

  1. the future
  2. the future
  3. the future
places i want to visit
  1. antarctica
  2. greece!
  3. australia!
things i do before i go to bed
  1. use the restroom
  2. brush my teeth
  3. mentally figure out how many hours of sleep i’ll get and plan my morning out

favorite books

  1. the truth about forever - sarah dessen
  2. ender’s game - orson scott card
  3. one flew over the cuckoo’s nest - ken kesey
About Me

20 ; ucsb (4th year) ; biopsychology & pharmacology

i've seen the best of love, the best of hate,
the best reward is earned,
i've paid for every single word i ever said

Favorite Quote

Every song has a CODA, a final movement. Whether it fades out or crashes away. Every song ends. Is that any reason not to enjoy the music? The truth is, there is nothing to be afraid of. It's just life.

-Ellie, Peyton, Jake - One Tree Hill